Health Coaching for weight loss

We are getting fatter and sicker. The Western world, which has so much affluence, is the sickest and fattest of all and we are trying to fix it with pills. Really? As we get fatter and sicker, we suffer from more chronic diseases, which will shorten our lives and make our retirement years ones filled with hospital visits, pills, pain and dementia.

Couldn’t we try and fix it with diet and exercise? A cheaper and easier option? Definitely, and one within the reach of most of us.

How badly do you want it? Enough to give up a few of life’s unnecessary evils? Like sugar, white bread, pasta, white flour, margarine, vegetable oils, crackers, packaged cereals, juice, and highly processed cardboard foods in cardboard packages, that are pretending to be foods.

Sugar lies at the heart of the problem. It is everywhere. Even in what would appear to be healthy food such as fruit, potatoes, etc. Sugar is sugar, and the effect on the body is the same, no matter what you call it and no matter what form it takes. Glucose in the blood causes the release of insulin, which if it occurs too often or for too prolonged a period can lead to insulin resistance and Type-2 Diabetes.

It is just not true that a calorie of salmon is the same as a calorie of sugar. How can it be? The effect it has on the bloodstream is not the same, how it is burned as fuel or stored in the body is not the same. ‘What you eat and how you eat it’ has a huge influence on every part of the body and how it functions. It will also affect how well or badly the body performs and how well or badly it ages.

Is a calorie of salmon the same as a calorie of sugar?

Weight loss is not easy, no matter how much you pay for a programme or a book, try pills, replacement meals or count points. Genuine long-lasting weight loss is a lifestyle choice, not a quick fix. It is not about will power, either. Lots of people think they don’t have the will power to maintain weight loss, but a shift in the way you think about it is a great start.

First and foremost, remove added sugar from you diet. All sugar. Table sugar, anything in a jar / packet / wrapper / box / can / tin etc. Sugar (or a form of sugar by another name) is in everything you buy that is packaged, almost without exception. If it grows from a plant or has been alive, it does not have added sugar.

Have a Pantry Purge. Get rid of all your packaged and processed foods. If they are still sealed, give them to the local food bank. If you can’t bear to throw out food, just put them in a sealed plastic container somewhere that you can’t see them and save them for if there is a natural disaster. This is very liberating and you can almost feel your body heaving a sigh of relief.

Next, look at what you have that has been alive and build on this. Fresh vegetables and salads, meat, either fresh of frozen, fish, dairy, eggs,nuts, seeds etc. A small amount of dried beans, lentils or pulses that you can soak and cook up, not in tins which will probably have additives. This is what you want to base your diet on, just like your grandmother did. Use olive oil, butter, coconut oil or avocado oil instead of highly refined and heat-treated seed or vegetable oils which are full of damaging free radicals and especially if food is deep fried or packaged such as store-bought biscuits, crackers and cakes that last for ever on the pantry shelf.