Health Coaching for exercise

Just move it!

Sitting is the new smoking

This is a great catch phrase and how true it is. We sit in the car, we sit at work, we sit in front of the computer, we sit at the bar, we sit in front of the TV. When do we not sit? When we are exercising maybe? And how much of the time are we exercising? Probably not enough is the answer to that .

Let’s get up and move: Lets get up and move: frequently, habitually, and as much as possible. It might be just the difference between taking the stairs instead of the lift, parking a bit further from the supermarket doors, walking around the block to visit a friend or neighbour. Vacuuming the floor more often, walking a bit further from the office to buy our lunch , standing on the bus instead of sitting. Anything that gets us moving is good.

Take the first steps to moving more

If it helps you to take more exercise, you can join a gym or go to classes, and having a time set aside during the week that you have allowed for this is great. Some people need to have a gym buddy or a friend to go with, so that they feel they would be letting their partner down if they don’t go. However, this is not necessary for everyone, if there are ample opportunities during the day to take exercise without having to pay for a class. Housework and gardening are a great way to increase movement and use very muscle in the body. Think of cleaning windows, stacking wood, sweeping the driveway, washing the floor on hands and knees. It is great exercise, just the way our grandparents used to do it, and very few of them went to the gym. Hard physical labour was part of everyday life and we seem to have lost the ability to whip cream by hand, beat carpets, do washing by hand, scrub floors etc. Our labour-saving devices are wonderful things, but they take away the need to work hard at home. Even just introducing a few hard jobs around the house can really increase our heart and lung capacity and we have a cleaner house into the bargain.