About MaxWell Health Coaching.


Mollie Maxwell

Mollie has 30 + years as a Health Professional and is registered in both New Zealand and the UK.

Mollie started MaxWell Health Coaching in September 2019 and Graduated from the PreKure Faculty of Health Coaching NZ.

She is particularly interested in the effect of Chronic Diseases on the Health Span and specialises in Low Carbohydrate Healthy Fat (LCHF) and Ketogenic diets, along with lifestyle changes, to improve overall health and reduce risk factors.

She can do in-person or online consultations via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime or other platforms and will tailor the frequency of meetings according to your needs. The first meeting is a discovery session (1-2 hours) to find out how we can help you and what you are looking for in coaching.

Please get in touch to discuss how she can help you.

For more info about health coaching read here…https://maxwell-health-coaching.com/what-is-hc/