DIABESITY ; Obesity, Insulin resistance and metabolic disorder

A recipe for disaster

The global burden of disease from Obesity, Insulin resistance and metabolic disorder, which so often lead to Type 2 Diabetes is so heavy that there is a real possibility that the Health Service in this country will be bankrupted by the huge numbers of cases and the explosion of related chronic diseases. Few people die from T2D, but the number of amputations, sight loss, kidney failure that is related to it is what really costs, not to mention the chronic diseases that develop from T2D, a disease of carbohydrate intolerance. “Diabesity” is a term that is attributed to Professor Paul Zimmett and so accurately sums up the biggest epidemic of Human History.

However, so much of this can be prevented by some lifestyle changes and as has been shown already, many people can reverse their risks just by careful dietary and lifestyle choices.

Hyperinsulinaemia means that your blood is constantly flooded with Insulin, mainly from over eating carbs and even just from eating too frequently. Your blood sugar levels rise and so does the Insulin response. this can lead to all sorts of chronic Medical problems as shown on the diagram below.

So, what can you do ? There are just four simple steps to get you started. Make some small changes first.

  1. Reduce sugar intake as far as possible. Not just the white sugar that you put in your baking and into your tea and coffee , but the hidden sugar which is everywhere. It is in almost every item of food that you buy in a can, box, carton, tin, jar or packet in the shops.
  2. Reduce consumption of juice, fizzy drinks and sports water . They are not healthy, they have no nutritional value , they are pure sugar and acid.
  3. Cut out as much white flour, white pasta, white rice and potatoes as possible. These behave very much the same way as white sugar once it is in your intestine , hiking up Insulin and increasing the glucose in your bloodstream.
  4. Move your body every 40 minutes. Go for a walk around the block, play with the dog, visit a neighbour, vacuum the floor, sweep the driveway. Anything that gets you moving is good and preferably a bit more very day. The more you build up your movement, the more you feel like doing on a daily basis.

Look at the big picture. You have the power to change the course of life that may lead to self destruction, literally. Start small and make little changes over time for big impact in the long term.

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