What is Disability Transition ?

Disability Transition is the period between living a healthy independent life in your own home and requiring living assistance in a care home. Many people would consider their Life Expectancy to be similar to that of their parents and this certainly gives a good basis for understanding how long you might be around. However, there is little thought given to Healthy Life Expectancy which, in reality, is far more important and can shift the odds in our favour. You could have an average of 12 years in assisted care prior to your death, particularly if you smoke, consume alcohol, have a poor diet, are inactive and have high blood pressure. That is worth thinking about, as it is not what we might wish for our future. Of course, for some people with serious health issues, this may be unavoidable. However, it is possible for many of us to defer this Disability Transition and reduce the length of time we might need with assisted care.

What can we do to shift the balance?

Small changes can have a big effect over time. Start by looking at the basics of what you eat, how you exercise, your quality of sleep, what causes you stress, and your alcohol consumption: not just for yourself but for your family. If you are a parent, do you want to impart this knowledge to your children and get them on track for a long and healthy life?

Now is a great time to start. Don’t put it off. It is never too late, but sooner is better than later.

Health Coaching for healthy eating

If you need help to get started, just get in touch.


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