Pandemic Pandemonium or the road ahead?

What a difference a Pandemic makes. It is interesting to see how everyone copes in an unprecedented situation, such as the cover-19 lockdown. For some, it is a great opportunity to do jobs at home that have been left ignored for weeks, month or years. For others, they may be paralysed with fear or indecision about what to do. However, it is beneficial to remember that this is not a holiday, but is good thinking time though, and may be a great opportunity to review what matters to you in life, who are those you love and need to reconnect with and where you want to go from here.

The road ahead

Life is a journey, use the time as a way to find the path forward and clear the roadblocks to the life you want to lead when we come out the other side. One thing that is becoming apparent is that the risks to health that Covid-19 is imparting are largely complicated due to chronic diseases. Many of the deaths that have occurred from this pandemic are due to the multiple chronic diseases that are a scourge society: diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, obesity, poor lung function, be it from smoking or pollution, or a combination of those.

This could be the perfect moment to re-evaluate your risks of the chronic diseases, many of which can be attributed to diet, exercise and lifestyle. Just starting with small changes such as walking a bit further or faster, eating more healthy food (take-aways are off the menu), cutting down or out smoking and alcohol could start you on the journey to reducing your risks and a healthier life.  see the info about risk reduction. 

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