Are you in balance?

Do you feel as if you want to stop the world and take a breather, then maybe rejoin it where it stopped as if nothing had happened? Is life so busy that you feel as if you are running from one activity to the next and it is either time to get out of bed or time to go to bed with nothing in between? Life can be crazy busy and you simply keep running with it until something pulls you up short.

Finding a balance between what you need to do and what you want to do is really hard, and no matter how much someone tells you to just find some time for yourself, it never seems to happen.

All of this can really upset the balance. It increases your stress hormones , reduces your quality or quantity of sleep and leaves you feeling like a washed-out rag.

Sounds like you might need some help to destress and relax. Health coaching can help you deal with the busyness of life and learn to switch off, even just for a short time, to regroup and focus on how you can slow the world down and stop and smell the roses.

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